Looking for a fabulous, crowd-pleasing seafood feast, where making all the work in making it happen has already been done for you?  This Maui style clam bake is provided in a large seafood bucket that is ready to fire up on your stove top or grill.  A Steamer Pot can be a celebration for two or a feast for up to eight.  Having a big party?  Order a variety of Steamer Pots for your special occasion.  Several signature Pots are available to choose from, such as the Prime Pot, the Cajun Pot, the Game Day Pot, the Holiday Pot, or Small Pot.  Each Pot begins with a signature white wine broth, and includes local corn on the cob and an array of seafood.  Pots can be customized with special requests, and each Steamer Pot comes with a baguette and serving tray.  The only thing you need to provide is the heat.  Cooking instructions are included.  Enjoy free time with your guests while your Steamer Pot is cooked to perfection in 25-35 minutes.